Reasons a Business Should Register Its Trademarks

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A trademark can be regarded as the business’s identifier. This is because it protects ownership of logo, name, tagline, or any mark used to identify your business services or products. The following are some good reasons to protect your brand.


Trademark registration offers every person a notice of ownership. In fact, this should be considered as the most compelling reason to register your mark. Any third party searching for a similar or identical mark as yours can know that you already own the mark. In this way, he or she will know that use of the mark will result in infringement of your trademark. Therefore, the third party should look for a different and new mark. Thus, when you register your trademark, you prevent any rising conflict in the future.

Social media

f42df5 social mediaThis is a great resource for various businesses. Customers look for brand names on different social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Remember that each site has its policies that prevent activities such as improper marketing. Nowadays, it is quite common for an entity or a person using another company’s brand or name on social networking sites for financial gain.

If you complain to the social media administrator, you will be required to submit proof of ownership. Fortunately, trademark registration offers you adequate proof of ownership of the brand.

Brand loyalty

When you register your mark, you show commitment to your brand. In fact, it shows that you are committed to quality. In this way, you can develop goodwill that becomes invaluable to your business.

Trademark renewals

Remember that trademark registration can continue until you stop using the mark in business. In fact, some companies have registered their trademarks for more than 100 years.


Nowadays, some criminals register domain names which are similar or identical to your trademarks or certain brands with the main aim of selling them to the true owner for a huge fee. Fortunately, there is an act that gives trademark owners an opportunity to sue and collect damages from persons who register domain names that are similar or identical to your trademark.

You should note that it is not a must for every business to register its trademark. However, the above are some compelling reasons to protect your brand just like the way you protect your other business assets.…