Spence Campaign Sends Cease and Desist Letter To Shut Down False Nixon Attack Ads

October 8, 2012

SAINT LOUIS, MO – In spite of news outlets confirming that Jay Nixon’s attack ads against Dave Spence are false, Nixon continues to run the defamatory ads. The Spence for Governor campaign has put Jay Nixon and news stations on notice that if they continue to run the false ads they are subjecting themselves to legal jeopardy.

“Jay Nixon is lying about me and about his record as governor,” said Dave Spence, Republican gubernatorial nominee. “Nixon knows I’m not a St. Louis banker, I don’t own a bank, and I didn’t take TARP funds to buy a house. But he also knows Missouri’s economy is at the bottom of the barrel under his administration, that he’s supported higher taxes, fought against Republicans and is touting one monthly job number while ignoring the fact that we have 106,000 FEWER Missourians in the workforce than when he took office. Jay Nixon and Barack Obama are running the same campaign of personal attacks against their opponents to distract from their failed records – the people deserve better.”

Jay Nixon has a reputation for saying anything to get elected. In one of his multiple unsuccessful statewide runs the Kansas City Star remarked, “Nixon has demonstrated he will sink to whatever level is necessary to seduce or bamboozle voters into supporting his ambitions.” (Rich Hood, KC Star, October 18, 1998)

Jay Nixon has first-hand knowledge that Dave Spence is not a banker because Nixon presented Dave Spence with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s Fast Track Award in 2009 for Alpha Packaging. Jay Nixon could not, if ever asked, support the veracity of his attack ads.

To view a copy of the letter that was sent to news outlets visit: http://www.spenceforgovernor.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/McGruder-WDAFFox-4.pdf